• The process is absolutely simple and needs no technical education or huge investment.
  • A lot of people would try to break in to the world of e-commerce
  • If you are a manufacturer and wish to sell your products directly to the end-users

What do we offer services ? is a service offered by Incyber Media and Technologies to those who want to start selling their products/services online. We offer a world renowned shopping software which is themed as per the requirements of our customers. The shopping script used by us is an open source code thus our customers can at anytime get the same customized to their requirement. The software is optimized in such a way that it is very easy to operate and incomparable to any other open source shopping cart available in the market. We levy no charges for the software as it comes to our customers free of cost but what we charge is for creating a theme for our customers and then offering hosting solutions to the customers whereby we not only manage the server where the software is hosted but also ensure that the ecommerce system used by our clients is working 24x7, secure to the best of our ability and there is a backup taken on daily and weekly basis.
  • About Us
  • Our Parent company Incyber Media and technologies, is known around the world for its cutting edge Hosting and Online Marketing services. We are the only company in North India which owns and runs its 100% Self owned server farm in USA and are Accredited Registrar for .IN Domains. We are in business since 1998 and serve more than 10000 websites. We can extend the same services to your website at an affordable price.

  • Online Marketing - Search Engine Marketing
  • The combination of our excellent Online Marketing services and the capabilities of our E-Commerce platform will set you apart in your business. We not only offer hosting services, theme creation but will list your shopping system on our 50 B2B Trade Directories so that you can get best of results. We don’t believe in building websites but building a business.

  • Our Charges
  • The cost we charge is not for the software but what we are charging for is as follows :
    1. Creating an aesthetically pleasant theme made by our elite designers as per the business and needs of the client.
    2. Offering hosting services to our customer on best of servers based in USA using Cloud Technology for better security and scalability.
    3. Managing backup of the website on daily and weekly basis.
    Normally an E-Commerce website needs an admin to take care of all the requirements of the website. With our hosting services where we manage your daily backups and the software offered by us you can transform yourself into that admin effortlessly as this software is known for its ease of operations. We specialize in putting a smile on our clients faces.

  • Custom Design and Development
  • We offer high quality and aesthetically pleasant themes for your ecommerce website. We make well designed themes created by our elite design team. These themes are placed on an Open source code used by lakhs of vendors through out the world to sell online. We have made ecommerce very simple. Our designer will collaborate with you and develop a design that will reflect your business practices. We will design a website that will be aesthetically superior or at par with best of themes in the world used by most popular stores. We assure you that themes created by us will definitely set you apart from your competition.


    We can also add additional features to your website. If you need more options in your E-Commerce site our development team will be more than happy to oblige. You can avail all the design and development changes but the cost will depend upon the amount of customization to be done and it may require lot of time to build such mods but as we use an open source code thus we cannot give any surety that such mods will not interfere in the functioning of the existing software.

  • On Demand Product Addition
  • If you feel that product addition is a tedious process or if you don’t have the time to do so, you can send us the details about your product and we will be more than happy to add the same to your E-Commerce website at a very nominal price of INR 100 per product.
    The details that we need are:

    * Store Name – Your store name can be
    * Product Name – Name of the product that you wish the add to the website
    * Images – Set of images per product
    * Description – Description of the product being uploaded.
    * Price – Price of the product being uploaded.

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