Shopping Cart software Features

  • Shopping Cart Software for Novice Users
  • Global and Product Specific Variations
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Web-based administration panel
  Ecommerce Theme Package  

Rs.14,999/- as ONE TIME COST. We will create a Fresh theme for you with different looks using your logo and pictures in tandem with your business. The theme so created will be as per your choice of Colour and Looks, thus the home page will be practically redesigned as per your choice. Check, and many more listed below. Call 9810010059 for further discussion.


Rs.4,999/- as ONE TIME COST. We will simply send the theme in ZIP format and you will need to upload & configure the same on your own. All you need to do is, choose a template from the pre listed themes on our template page. Click Here.
Call 9810010059 for further discussion.


There will be 100% Free Installation of default Shopping Cart script with theme by us for all those who buy Rs.14,999 package. We will add atleast 20 products by default for your convenience. More can be added for an extra cost. Once we will hand over the job there will be a walk through session on Phone, where we will guide you how to configure and add products on your own. You can check demo at

» Responsive Themes : All our themes will be responsive, which means when a screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly in order to adapt to the new resolution. It means that you don’t need to buy one mobile version for your website.  
» HTML5 and CSS3: HTML5, is the 5th revision of the HTML standards. This new HTML version has improved the supportive ability for multimedia. We use both HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver you the best solutions.
» Add Unlimited Products on your own.
» The theme will have a Mega Menu, Revolution Slider, Theme Editor, Blog, Products by Alphabets, Displaying products list in Carousel Slider, Zoom in on Products, Responsive Layout. For more features click here.
» Complete Management System through admin panel.  

PAYMENT GATEWAY : We can help you add any Indian Payment Gateway. Also many Major International Payment Gateways can be Integrated on request for free.


Lightening Fast Shopping Cart software including shipping & Taxes modules.


No Instillation Charges. 1 Click installation of entire software on your own. If desired we can install it for Free. We use Open Source Code software to install the themes.

» No per Transaction Fees charged by us.  

Professional Designed Templates [Check templates by clicking here and mention the template name in the comment section at the time of buying.]

» Click here to see More Features »  
» Service Tax extra @ Rs.12.36 %  


Optional : There will be additional Web Hosting charges if you wish to host with us.       



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Buy Web Hosting from us and get Free Installation of Shopping Cart like Magento, Opencart.  Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth.
Check our Prices.

  There are 4 aspects to start your own Online Ecommerce Store.

1. Register a Domain Name & Buy Web space.

How do we help : We are Indian Domain Registrar and in business of Web Hosting since 1998. We will offer you hosting on a similar type of Scalable Cloud Environment as used by Amazon to run their own store. Visit

2. Avail a Shopping Cart Software & Get it installed, Configured and Tweaked.
How do we help : We offer Shopping Cart software for Free along with Installation and needed Configuration. For our clients store front, we use most renowned, robust and feature rich open source code software's available on internet used by lakh's of store owners around the globe. The names of few of these software's are Magento Cart, Open Cart, Zen Cart, OS Commerce etc. From our experience we have found that these software's are the best, as not only they are good but the people behind these software's are updating them on regular basis thus ensuring that you have most robust and feature rich software's at your disposal.

3. Get a Beautiful Shopping Cart Design.
How do we help : Only an aesthetically pleasant and professionally looking design make a buyer believe in you. When it comes to offline business, Store owners spend in millions to decorate their stores and make them look beautiful. Same stands true for online stores, but for small time entrepreneurs and new startup's there are companies like ours which offer top most designs termed as themes or templates at down to earth prices. We take pride in saying that you will not find many companies around the globe, who are as good as what we are in creating themes for your store front with context to your business. You will find many websites selling old themes and then they leave you in dark, wherein you are left to find your own ways to work on those themes, like designing logo's, placing right images on front page in theme with your business, creating proper menu with easy navigation and to top it all the buyer of these theme have to search for service providers to help them install the same for which they have to shell our hefty amounts.
With us it is a different ball game altogether. For the charges paid to us, we not only install the software but configure the theme on the same as per your business with proper logo and pictures only on the front end related to your business.
In all what we offer is a turnkey system where one gets a ready to move in store to start selling his products.

4. Avail a Payment Gateway to start accepting Credit Cards.
How do we help : We can help you signup with a payment gateway so that you can start accepting credit card on your website.

5. Will you help us in any kind of programming job or customization of the shopping cart software.
Answer : We only help you in creating the front end theme of the shopping cart and anything related to scripting or modifications/customization of shopping cart script is not taken care of by us in any way. The reason is common with all open source code and i.e. once a new version is deployed it may conflict with the old modifications and then one needs to rewrite the entire modules. Best way to use an open source code script is to let the code be as it is and make changes in the front end theme. These software's are good for start up companies who want to test themselves before make huge investments.

Now the Big Question is, Why you should believe in us ?
Answer :
+ We are in Business since 1998.
+ We are the only company in North India which owns and runs it's self owned Server Farm in USA
+ We serve more than 10,000 websites
+ We are Accredited Registrar for .in Domains
+ We host thousands of Websites on Linux Platform and put no limits on connections to Database or Web server.
Ask this question from any web hosting provider and you will be surprised if they reply honestly. Best of companies offer 15-25 connections. Further we host you on Cloud architecture used by big boys of the industry like Amazon.
+ Our CEO and COO are one call away for anything you need.
+ We believe in Customer satisfaction thus even our senior most staff members do not hide behind the red tapes of organizational hierarchy.

To recap it we can simply say. Pay us and be ready to ignite your new venture with our ready to move in shopping Systems.



Faq 1 : What software we use for the store front ?

Answer 1 : We use either of these Magento Cart, Open Cart, Zen Cart, OS Commerce, Pinnacle Cart etc

Faq 2 : Which hosting Provider should we use ?

Answer 2 : Go for In order to run a shopping cart software one needs lot of resources and almost all hosting providers though on one hand offer unlimited space but then on the other hand limit customers on the usage of RAM, CPU and number of connections they allow to make to the database and webserver. servers do not limit you on all these services provided you avail Premium Linux Package @ Rs.2999 per year package.

Faq 3 : What payment gateway one should use and is the cost included in the package ?

Answer 3 : There are so many payment gateways which are around and we support almost all known payment gateway. Payment gateway cost is not included as it is for the client to signup directly with a payment gateway. Very soon we are becoming partner to a known gateway and will be able to offer the same service at our end only.

Faq 4 : does not have any setup fees for any of our plans.

Answer 4 : We don ’t charge any transaction fee. The only fee that you need to pay is the one time charge for theme creation and yearly cost for the hosting services offered by us. Over and above if you opt for accepting credit card payment on your website then you will need to avail services of a payment gateway whose services one has to use for the credit card acceptance on the website. The merchants normally have per transaction fees.

Faq 5 : What type of Hosting Package should one choose for shopping cart software installation ?

Answer 5 : As shopping cart software is an open source code thus it has to be hosted on a secure environment where we need to tweak the server for many things. Also one needs to ensure regular backup of the data. Further the biggest challenge is scalability. Once you grow then you will need to have better resources and this kind of scalability and performance can only be possible on a cloud environment. We offer specialized Ecommerce Hosting on Cloud Server. Visit One can upgrade to any level without any interruptions. All you need to do is to inform us so that we can upgrade your hosting plan accordingly. Upload 1 to 1000's of products We can offer a platform which will help you sell from a single product to even 1000's of products.

To offer a turnkey Ecommerce Store to our customers, we use either of the Open Source Script like Magento, OpenCart etc. These software's are used by lakhs of people around the globe to run their self owned ecommerce websites. These open source code are the best in terms of their looks, navigation and features. As on date they have been through rigorous testing and developed by recommendations of lakh's of users around the globe. From last many years thousands of hours have been spend by lot of people on their creation, features development and bug fixing. Further, at the time of deployment of these scripts on our Cloud Servers, we further tweak them so that they give best of performance too. Be assured we will save you lakhs of rupees which you would otherwise be spending to get such software's developed and then be a pawn in the hand of your developers. We not only save you money but lot of frustration too, which follows later on when you would be chasing your developers to get the software's patched and upgraded for which they may charge you very hefty amounts.

[Please take note that our paid services are only limited to offering front end theme for your store front and rest all are courtesy services for which we are not charging a dime. Any other charges from the theme creation are to be paid by your directly to the concerned service provider. Our liability is only limited to the paid services which we offer and in this case it is the theme for your store Front. We are not here selling the software as it is an open source code and thus freely available. What we offer is our service which are limited to creating themes and installing them on the said software. These open source code software's are really good but we can only vouch for their efficacy on the basis of the user base they have around the globe.]