Why Us ?

  • Experience : We are in the business of Web Hosting, Web Designing and Website Promotion since 1998 Serving 10,000+ Websites and having our SELF OWNED Server farm in USA.

Why us?

Experience : We are in the business of Web Hosting, Web Designing and Website Promotion since 1998 Serving 10,000+ Websites and having our SELF OWNED Server farm in USA.

Knowledge : We offer a comprehensive ready to move in Online Catalogue and Shopping system with great understanding of Online Business Environment.

Infrastructure :
We run our self owned server farm in USA and have a team of Highly Qualified Professional who are working on this project to make it more robust and scalable. One can reap the benefits of our experience and use our services rather looking for a novice programmer to develop an ecommerce system and then always looking at him for support. You cannot make your business depend upon one person but with us it is different as we are a company already in this business since last 10+ years and already hosting more than 10,000 websites.

Dependability and Security : We serve top most corporate and business houses  of the nation and understand the word ethics and Honesty to its core. We also enjoy the position of being Accredited Registrar for .IN Domains in India thus you can understand how safe and secure your business is as we have served big names by booking domains for them. To name few big names in India DLF, Coca Cola, Bharti, CitiBank . We believe that you can now safely dour existence is safe and secure.

Ready to Move in Shopping System : We offer you a shopping system which has all the ingredients which one can use to sell online. All the modules have been incorporated which one can think of while developing a shopping system. As an end-user one may know his business better but for online it is must to avail services of professionals who understand that arena better. With us you will find a unique combination as we are not only an Online Development, Marketing and Hosting Solution provider but our Top Management consists of group of persons who have varied experience in various spheres of business thus the system we offer is absolutely robust and with almost all the needed tools to manage your online business.

Focus :  Your business is selling stuff, not installing and managing a complicated script or a software. By availing help you can pay attention to the issues which you may get while running a business and do not waste time handling issues with your online business. No more running after programmers or getting up in the middle of the night and thinking how to make your online store more secure. We are here to manage your online business so that you can sleep in peace and concentrate on what you are good at and not shelving the project after getting fed up of incompetent programmers offering you sluggish, buggy and insecure systems for online operations.

Price. We are very economically priced. No more expenses to host or develop or upgrade. Pay Rs.12,000 and be an owner of an online store. Check our price structure by clicking here. If that's a significant expense for your business, you need to look into improving your profit margin.

Support. There are many such software vendors but are there any competent one's in India who have focus on Indian Customers and understand offline business fully as we do for the reason that out of 25 years of our business experience we have been doing offline business for 13 years in Delhi India and do understand the customers mental block to acceptance of online media. We work as if in foot steps of the buyers keeping in view points of the seller and there devising online marketing plans for our store owners so that they can penetrate the customers mind. We not only support the software but suggest other means to make it secure, scalable and stable. We help you to maintain 24 hours backup of your store within the same server and on back up servers too. For a very very small charge we can help you take an hourly backup's too.

Installation. We configure and get the software working for you. All you need to do is upload the photographs of your products and services.

Security. The software we use to create your store is used by thousands of people all over the world and thus is typically a secure software to work on.

Speed. Our Online shopping cart really do work fast. Out of the box and you just input your inventory to make it get set go.

Peace of mind. The shopping cart is the jugular vein of an online business. If anything makes the blood stop flowing, however minor the cause, you'll feel it fast. If you are the one who has to ensure that the online business of yours should keep pace with the latest technological advancements then you should find peace with us. We continue our marathon run of keeping at pace with new technologies and you devote time to fight your competition, let both of us do our job to make the combination be the winner. if you have to rely on the availability of a freelance programmer, you won't be getting the soundest sleep. Let a specialist like us do that worrying for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We can enumerate 100's of reasons as to why you should avail our services but nothing will give you more surety unless you use our services and find yourself having a good feeling of being in safe hands.

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